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Swordsmith Kunimasa has been crafting traditional Japanese swords for over a quarter of a century.

He has earned the prestigious rank of Mukansa Master, which translates: “without judgement.” Very few ever attain this rank of honor and distinction. Your Matsuba sword is without doubt the highest expression of the samurai art, made just for you by today’s acknowledged master.

He has been recognized multiple times for his unique brilliance by the NBTHK, The Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art Swords (Japan’s highest Samurai Authority). He has traveled all over the world giving seminars, interviews and demonstrating the art of Iaido. A Matsuba Kunimasa sword is an investment in a master work of art. Destined to increase in value as time passes.

Finally, and perhaps most impressive, of all the master Japanese Swordsmiths, it was Matsuba Kunimasa who was chosen to forge the very First Sword for The 8 Samurai Project!


Through Matsuba Katana, you can order a 100% genuine, custom-made traditional Japanese sword, made by Swordsmith Kunimasa himself. The Samurai Spring (above photo) features Swordsmith Kunimasa’s one-of-a-kind hamōn, the alluring wave pattern that can be seen running up the length of the blade.

For inquiries about ordering a custom-made traditional sword made by a true master, please contact us.


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