Welcome to Matsuba Katana!


Welcome to the official website of the world-renowned master swordsmith Ichiro Matsuba Kunimasa, also known as “Swordsmith Kunimasa.”

Swordsmith Kunimasa has been crafting traditional Japanese swords for over 25 years, and has earned top recognition for his masterpieces by The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords multiple times. He has traveled all over the world, giving seminars and holding demonstrations of his work.


Through Matsuba Katana, you can order a 100% genuine, custom-made traditional Japanese sword, made by Swordsmith Kunimasa himself. The 2015 Signature Matsuba Model features Swordsmith Kunimasa’s one-of-a-kind hamōn, the alluring wave pattern that can be seen running up the length of the blade.

For inquiries about ordering a custom-made traditional sword made by a true master, please contact us.